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My Best Days Are Ahead Of Me lyrics - Danny Gokey

Blowing out the candles on another birthday cake Old enough to look back and laugh at my mistakes Young enough to look at the future and like what I see My best days are ahead of me Life hasn't always been a party But mostly it's been good There's only one or two things That I'd change if I could I don't get lost in the past Or get stuck in some sad memory, yeah My best days are ahead of me Age ain't nothing but a number Sometimes I have to wonder what does it really mean Hey, I'm still putting it together I keep getting better, if I keep getting better I can be whatever I wanna be My best days are ahead of me I've got sunsets to witness Dreams to dance with Beaches to walk on And lovers to kiss There's a whole lot of world out there That I can't wait to see My best days are ahead of me My best days... are ahead of me

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