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It's Only lyrics - Danny Gokey

It's been 18 months and 14 Days Bobby can't get him a job Repo man's gonna take his van I hear Bobby's giving up on God He needs a hand up and not a hand out But hey, everybody's gotta suffer Don't worry, don't worry It's only my brother Where is that poverty line I've never really seen it Look around I'm doing fine I'm not really sure I believe it On the other side of town schools are falling down But me I'm riding in style Don't worry, don't worry It's only a child There's a homeless woman with a shopping cart Living on the street Lord knows she can't come in here where the pretty people meet We're all dressed in our Sunday best And she smiles when she sees us Don't worry It's only Jesus There's a face in the mirror A man that I can be Lord, won't you open my eyes Won't you help me see A hungry child needs more than a piece of bread Brother needs a job to get ahead And the homeless need a place to lay their head And as much as I've been giving I could never give enough Don't worry It's only love It's only love, it's only love We're gonna make it together Walking hand in hand Falling down to our knees It's where we'll make our stand You can never give it all away You can never give enough Don't worry, don't worry, don't worry, It's only love When you're lonely, cold and empty Only one thing to fill you up And it's only, and it's only, and it's only It's only love

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